Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mundane - More or Less #10

The (other) beautiful game... Darts! Never have I been so personally challenged to succeed and yet fail all the time. Unlike Golf in which you can never have a "perfect game" - A hole in one every single shot... you CAN have a perfect game in darts. The Pro's do it often. It's referred to as a 9 darter. The absolute minimum you can score from 501 to 0 is with 9 darts thrown. I to date have thrown a personal best of 13 darts only and have been throwing 4 days a week for 3 yrs now to give you some idea of this task. It's a game of millimeters between success and failure. One little twitch of your body and the dart goes astray. A breathe at the wrong time maybe or maybe your arm muscles are different today than yesterday (ie: you worked out the other day). All can effect your accuracy. It's amazing really that the human body can correlate the trajectory from what the eye sees to the release at the end of the fingers and put a small projectile just short of 8 fee away. It's a frustrating game too because even though you are competing against someone, you're not really. You are competing with yourself. There is no defense in this game... just your body and your head and a race to the 0 before the other guy gets there. You are after your own personal best basically. As much as I will swear at my darts, at my hand, at my mind... I love the game. I really do.