Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zombie Wonder woman for Halloween


Samson, a character I came up with a long time ago. 

Spidey vs the Sandman

Draw what you see day.

Did this thing one day where you park and draw what you see. I took a pic of the area when done. Some car's had parked by then which aren't in my drawing and on the post, I drew the box thing a bit lower to include it in the pic as it added some character to that pole. 

Jonah Hex

Godzilla getting an eviction notice from Superman

Super creepy dude for Halloween

Batman caught and out gunned

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Logan rides!!

Did this one up for a challenge against a young lady who makes a career out of painting model horses so thought it would be good for us both to draw a horse in action with a rider on it. I went with Logan and she went with the Nazgul from LOTR. I'm not 100% happy with it but turned out pretty good I figure.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tank Girl

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Had me a challenge over at Outcast where I had to draw Tank Girl, use some of that polka dot stuff and put in a splash of pink. I barely won this one.

Iron Man Colored Gift

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Gift color job by a good friend over at DA. Please pay a visit to Katja's page here would you?

Iron Man

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Did this up for the DSC (Daily Sketch Challenge) over at Outcast Studios the other day then posted it at DA (Deviant Art) where it became a pretty big hit. Even had another artist over there color it up which turned out just beautiful. See next post for the painted version.

Outcast Forever!

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I have been a true blue member of Outcast Studios for over 5 yrs now. Recently I was promoted to Kingpin leader of the site. It's a wonderful community of comic lovers and artists of all levels in the game. I strongly suggest you come on over and hang out if your in need of learning how to draw, getting feedback on your work or just loving and being loved. lol.


Gaslight Batman

My Gaslight Batman for a challenge over at Outcast I didn't win but it was pretty fun. Until this challenge, I had no idea there was a gaslight Batman.

Bat Rage

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I really enjoyed this picture until I totally killed that right arm (his left). Meh. I cant be bothered fixing it so I will just post it up anyways.

Angry Bruce

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Working on blacks mostly but figured Batman is the best way to do this because of that damn cape! It's very difficult to insert that big ol' cape into an image and still not hide much of the drawing. I failed in this one but it was worth the effort.

Friday, August 20, 2010

For the birds...

Summer is ending before it even began. Sigh. My lit'lun is entering into grade 3 in a few short days and before you know it she will be getting married and I will be dying of some kind of lymphoma. This life is for the birds. Now, if I could only find a vampire to make me immortal. Hmmmmm.... just so long as the dude who bites me ain't sparkly, I don't want to wake up with a sore neck AND a sore butt! Know what I'm sayin'?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jim Mahfood's how to make a Mini Zine Pg 6

Jim Mahfood's how to make a Mini Zine Pg 5

Jim Mahfood's how to make a Mini Zine Pg 4

Jim Mahfood's how to make a Mini Zine Pg 3

Jim Mahfood's how to make a Mini Zine Pg 2

Jim Mahfood's how to make a Mini Zine Pg 1

This was published... oh, about 8 yrs ago. Maybe more. Anyways, I pulled it from the tattered magazine and scanned it in. Great article

The Outcast... my version

Dennis Sweatt over at is working on creating a character called The Outcast. I couldn't help but want to try my take on him.

The Hulk warm up sketch

Just scratched this out to warm up. Haven't drawn all week. It show's.

Ragman DSC

For the Daily Sketch Challenge over at

Packer 326

For my comic. Bred for carrying and lifting, they are the transporters in the future. This one however... has a special role to play.

Mein Tanker

Another character for my comic. He is a tank driver. Only... not much in the future in the way of tanks other than what you see here.

Mein Furoar

Silly name I agree. Ol' Adolf somehow managed to be kept alive all these decades into the post apocalyptic future and now he is up to his shenanigans again!


Been developing this fantasy comic slowly and this is one of the main characters, Killswitch. Widescreen is the other main character so far which is back a few posts.

Thinking about calling the comic "Killswitch...Engaged!!"

He-Man... middle aged

Figured I would try drawing He-Man but in his late 40's, early 50's. Turned out pretty cool I think.

Superman... just like a Rhino when he's PO'd

Look out... he's a wee bit angry!


You seen him earlier... now he has a name, Widescreen. Just a character I'm considering developing along with another in a comic. If I ever get off me butt!

Logan - bad hair day

Does Logan ever have a good hair day? Just sayin'

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting caught up

Sorry folks, havent been updating the blog in a bit... here is what I have been up to..