Friday, July 27, 2012

365 days of drawings - Lunchtime sketches at work

Yesterday I doodled up The Great and Wonderful Oz and today... Alien.

365 days - more iPad sketchies

Still goofing with iPad. It's a great way to rip off some sketch idea's I find.

Re-did this one below. Made it grittier.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

365 days - The Crow inspired

I exposed my 10 yr old daughter to The Crow with Brandon Lee recently and she just loved it. I havent watched it since he died. I enjoyed that movie a lot back then but not nearly as much as I did this time around. I was blown away. I have had this dark brooding creative cloud over my head ever since. Today part of that cloud burst and out came this image. It was triggered by some similar ghost facey art I seen on G+. Hope ya dig it.

365 days - Bed time doodles

Sometimes I like to lay in bed and do some quick gag's. I find it puts a smile on my face before falling asleep and as such... I have a pretty decent sleep as a result. Here are some from the past few nights. Done via iPad

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mad Maxine

Had this feisty little ginger on my mind who is a friend over at G+ when I drew this one up. No, it's not supposed to be her or anything... just channeled that feisty ginger in my mind in order to create this image. haha

365 days - Random

My cheesy smiling Batman made via iPad

Doodling the crew from Oz

Wondering if you can make cat hair look like cat hair via cross hatching. Turns out... sorta yes and sorta no.

I call this "Line Therapy". Sometimes it's just soothing to my brain to draw a ton of lines so thats what I did here.

365 days - iPad Zombies

Just doodling some zombies using my iPad

365 days - Funnies

Using that app on my iPad called Paper... I keep going back to silly little stick men and mini gags. I think they are funny. You might not. Some are based on my real life, others not so much.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Killswitch... engaged!

Felt like drawing a bit more of my oc Killswitch... this time laying the sandal's to a thug

Killswitch & Rhinoboar colored up

365 days - Killswitch & Rhinoboar

Putting some ink on actual paper for a change today. Nice... missed it. Came up with this based on my original character and not so original name "Killswitch" and her mount, a Rhinoboar. Hope ya dig it!

365 days - A few more iPad sketches

I am finding that the availability of the iPad to just turn on and start the app (Paper by 53) has me creating more than before when I had to put pen/pencil to paper. It seems that a little less effort inspires me to create more. I really am "Slack" after all! haha.

Here is some stuff from yesterday

Monday, July 16, 2012

365 days - Paper by Sketch dump

Well... I am still drawing daily but it's been via the iPad art sketch program by called Paper. It's becoming pretty prolific over at Tumblr I am finding and I can understand why. It's really a very fun and basic sketch program. I am truly amazed at some of the stuff being created by my fellow artists out there. Here is what you have been missing (because I havent been posting them here).

I fractured my big toe and strained some ankle ligaments, etc playing soccer and it hurt. Still does now but it hurt more then as is evident by my text on this sketch. haha

Day two of sore toe. Not depicted here is how purple and swollen it got. Toe's are ugly to begin with so I didnt want to scar anyone with such an image. ;)

In a zombie mood

More random-ness

A friend of mine wants me to illustrate her childrens story featuring a Rotty so tried a few idea's on the Paper sketch program. Black and brown doesnt translate all that great I have found.

An Independance Day style image. Forgot the ship's shadow in the water below. Doh!

It's actually me in that chair but the idea came on it's own as it evolved line by line. Dont read into it. Random.

Imaginary comic panel
My original character "Killswitch"

Monday, July 9, 2012

365 days - A friend of mine

Some months past I did an ink sketch of my good friend Farnaz. It was okay but it didn't turn out all that great. Not in my opinion. Tonight I figured I would give it another go but this time a different pose and using my iPad to paint her. I like this one much more. Still have much learning to go on this sort of stuff but over all... I'm moderately content.

365 days - 10 days off?

So... took myself a vacation of 10 days. Drove my daughter to Penticton BC where I grew up. My mom and sis are there so this is that time where my lit'lun gets to hang with family. It's also home to two fantastic sandy beaches on both ends of the city. What kid doesnt live to frolic on a beach everday in hot weather?

So... in keeping with drawing everyday... I pretty much did a visual day by day journal on the trip.

Here it is/was.

Just for the helluvit...

And now... I'm home. Sigh. Still drawing though. :)

And that concludes my vacation. Thanks for reading along.