Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday morning sketches at Mcdonalds

I bought Emma (my 7 yr old daughter) some pens and such that I use (so she doesnt kill mine. lol) and a sketch book and so this morning we went and had an early breakfast at Mickey D's. While there after done eating we both did some sketching. Here is my sketch of her pondering what to draw and a sketch of my hand which is a bit under scale but pretty accurate with all the fine little wrinkles and creases. Wow, never really looked at my own hand that closely before. Ugly. lol. The thumb got a bit screwed up but I left it. Its not pointed. Ha.

Emma's picture is pretty cool. She always seemed to find goth people very cool and I agree. I think they are extremely creative. I can think of worse influences on her. As for the pic she made... she would make a crazy gothic, zombie, vampire schoolgirl story.

April 10 sketches. Rusty

Went to the library with the lit'lun yesterday so while she was off and about, I threw down some sketches to get my hands drawing again.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My art in a video

My good friend Yousuf cut himself a single and posted the video online. My artwork is featured in it. Check it out below.