Tuesday, September 11, 2012

365 days of drawings - didnt make it!

Well, with a camping weekend, then a long weekend combo with my daughters birthday and all around just plain crazyness... I didnt make it a whole year with drawing something everyday. I did however make it to 240 drawings in 160 days. I will add to this total the 4 pictures below I drew over the past few days to bring it to a total of 244.

I will keep drawing daily of course but not for part of this project. The idea was to attempt to make it a whole yr. I didnt make it but I didnt fail in my opinion. I feel pretty damn good about my success as it were.

Thanks for the support on this gang.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

365 days of drawing - Jason

And some scary stuff... Jason Voorhees

365 days of drawing - Batgirl

Just playing around with line styles and such... used Batgirl as my muse. It's not everyday she is available to model for me.

365 days of drawing - Tony Stark

Who doesnt love Tony? Billionaire playboy philanthropist... with a Hulk. Gotta love him.

365 days of drawing - Dora the explorer

Inspired by that Dora funny video out there by College Humour... here is my Dora the explorer... all grown up that is.

365 days of drawing - Gym babe

Just a girl, working out.

365 days of drawings - Dorothy

Inspired by an image over at Deviant at this link I have been studying his line work this past week. I think he has a brilliant technique which is a cross between Frank Miller and Keith Giffen. Love them both.