Friday, August 29, 2014

Dailies - Hey... Zeus!

I can't remember what movie it was but I hear Samuel L. Jackson's voice in my head when I think of "Hey... Zeus". I think it was Die Hard? Anyways, that played in my mind when I was whipping this one out and he started to look like Jesus. Its crap but you gotta draw 100's of garbage pics before you finally draw that 1 masterpiece. I'm a few closer now. :)

Dailies - Big Ape

Kids, particularly little girl type kids can be fearless I have found. Not all but many. Here is to childlike innocence.

Dailies - Robo E-12

E-12 named after my daughter Emma who turns 12 in a few days.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dailies - Hero 6

Looking fwd to this flick

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dailies - Character conceptualizing

Just a random thought for a character concept on my OC Angelos

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dailies - revisiting an old friend

Some years back I started a webcomic (total shit really) called Angelos. Later on in its life I even had guest writer Robert E. Mansperger Jr. help out with the project. It was a learning curve and one every comic artists need to anoint themselves with.

Angelos is a tortured soul (he caused his wife to die in a car accident and he survived) who eventually takes his life and visits hell because according to the rules... suicide sends you downstairs instead of up. He is tricked by Abaddon who guards the gates of hell and gives Angelos eternal life and a good helping of power in the form of a sidekick named Ashriel (angel of soul repo) who exists in the form of a big mother of a gun. Later Angelos (greek for angel btw) discovers the trickery and turns against Ashriel by repo'ing all the hidden/secret demons working on the Earths surface to get humans to commit evil acts and later join hell's army. By reducing these demons, Ashriels and Satan's plans of amassing a giant army for armageddon is in despair. Way to go Angelos and Ashriel. Because of the powers given to Angelos... he is in essence unbeatable and hell is in a bit of trouble now.

I may one day revisit this comic. Funny that I would come up with a comic based heavily on religion when I am actually against it. Meh.

Here he is... Angelos:

25 min, pencils, eraser, Pentel brush pen

Dailies - Rabbit champion

And in this corner... from a dark corner of my mind... most likely influenced by Donnie Darko and some comic I seen years ago where the gov't experimented on a dog, cat and rabbit turning them into weapons (very sad comic)... a robo rabbit. Pencil, Pentel brush pen, eraser, random colour markers and copics.

Dailies - Pen scribbling

Found a very cool painting over at DA and used it as my model to play around with pen scribbling. It was fun to just let those pens go nuts all over the page until I had something.


And mine:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dailies - Some random Beardo's, Lobo (The main man) and lastly... Dr Freeze

Dailies - Judge Death

Throwing down some more pencils, inks and colors to stick with my plan of doing some daily art stuffs. Judge Death is my go to guy today...

Dailies - Sketches

Some random gal with a bad attitude and then a pic of Vlad at the beach.

Quick loose pencils then inked with Pentel brush pen then cleaned up with an eraser. :)

Dailies - Batgirl

Once more with the copic foundation and colours and then inks last.

Dailies - Hulk

Trying a technique where you work with copics and lay out all the greys then ink last. Not sure what to make of it but here goes...