Friday, July 11, 2014

Drax the Destroyer

I was never much of a comic reading kind of guy but I have always enjoyed drawing them. This Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out looks pretty cool. Figured I would draw that Drax character today over lunch. Done on my Note 10.1 tablet by Samsung and using a few apps to get it done.
Sketchbook Pro

First I found a reference image over at Deviant art. Great gallery there for muscle type models.

Next... sketched it up in Sketchbook Pro

Then I moved the sketch over to WaterColorPencil and messily slopped a bunch of colors on it. I wasnt worried about it as the filters I use on PicsArt make it all look pretty sweet.

Lastly as mentioned.. take the image over to PicsArt and mess around with the filters and toss a lens flare or three on those knives and its done.

You can view the full sized image over at my Deviant art gallery here

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Captain America

There is a gallery over at Deviant art that is chock full of amazing photo's of men mostly but some women as well. They are strong and super hero like in their builds which makes for some great reference material for the comic artists out there. I strongly recommend you bookmark it. I often go there and find inspiration for a new project and such was the case today. I seen a new photo posted and had to do a sketch of it but with Captain America instead of a football player. See the original photo below and my version below that.