Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More collab fun

Once again I took a brilliant sketch from old friend Selkirk(Greg Martin) whom I met way back in the day at Outcast and did some what of a work up on it. I need colouring practice so this is how I am getting it. You can visit the original at his Deviant gallery here but the picture is also below. I did two versions of it actually. Which do you like?

Selkirks original

And my two versions...

Monday, May 5, 2014


Old friend Selkirk who goes way back with me to the old Outcast Studios days has a killer (adult) gallery of sketches over at Deviant Art. His work has always been inspirational to me... such loose fluid lines and wonderful gestures and poses...

Anyways, I used a sketch of his as the foundation for this Mermaid pic. Please visit his gallery, say hi... tell him how amazing he is and all that would you?


Original sketch from Selkirk (Greg Martin) found here

And my twist on his brilliance....