Saturday, December 26, 2015


Threw down some random sketches last night...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Just one more for the day/evening...

I discovered this creepy character by accident as I was surfing around the web tonight. What is it about tentacles that are so creepy? Anyways... here he is below with some of those creepy tentacles. :)

Wormwood: is a comic book series by creator Ben Templesmith.

Blue pencil roughs and then let 'er rip with markers and brush pen and copic grey tones. Done. 

Awe Crap!

Haven't drawn Hellboy in ages... well, actually... haven't drawn much at all really until yesterday and today so now having done a bunch of "warm ups"... I figured I would give him a go. I like it.

Sketching and inking practice... Anger Management - NSFW. Nudity

Last night I was surfing through Deviant Art and picking random pieces done by other artists to use as reference while I warmed up and practiced sketching. I haven't drawn much in ages so needed this badly. Today... I decided to take some of those sketches and ink them up as I needed practice with that as well. This was the 3rd in a row of inks (see previous posts for the other 2).

Original art I used as reference for the initial blue pencil sketch from last night:
His gallery:

Here is me inking the sketch:

Sketch and ink practice... Robin

Based off a cool picture done by Kane79 over at Deviant art, last night I did a quick blue pencil sketch to warm up my skills... been awhile since I have been drawing. Anyways, today I decided to practice my inking. Pentel Pocket brush pen... needs to finally be replaced. Tip just isn't as sharp as it once was. Not bad for about 6 yrs worth of inking on it. Great tool

Original sketch that I used as a reference for sketching last night:

Video of me inking over it. Man... are my lines shaky. The only way this goes away is by drawing/inking more.

Sketching and inking practice. Supergirl 40's era style.

I haven't been drawing in some time so like anything... practice is needed to get the skills back. So, last night I did a bunch of drawings up using random sketches from artists over at Deviant Art and today I began to ink them. 

This first video I have made (two more coming) is based on the sketch shown below. Further below is the video.

Adam Masterman is a brilliant cartoonist and this sketch was based off his image below:

Watch the video of me inking it here:

Monday, December 21, 2015


First drawing in what feels like forever. Tablet sketch/painting. Capitalizing on todays generation... "LOL" is her name and "OMG" is the kind of thing she says.