Friday, April 19, 2013

Darling Nikki... zombie killah!

I draw Google plusser Nikki Crome far too often. lol. She is just so great looking with her unique bone structure and her personality shines through. I felt like drawing this exact image and struggled with a face until it came time to make the image of a zombie killer with attitude and immediately I pictured her face in the shot. So... I made it so. One bad ass little lady zombie killer for your enjoyment. Drawn on ye old iPad.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Logan, The process

Hi folks... made this fun image today of an older Logan (Wolverine). Being 47 myself, I feel supers need to age with me. lol. Hey... he aged to the age he is now right? Why cant he age just a bit more? Maybe something happened to his healing factor for about 20 yrs or something? Anyways, I did this image up on my iPad which is my tool of choice this year. I used Procreate app to do all the heavy lifting and then tweaked it with Strip Design app. You can see I rough it all up in blue lines on one layer then move to a new layer where I start laying down my inks. Once done I work layer by layer doing the colors so that I can erase or adjust them without worrying about the other layers. LOVE working with layers now.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 300. And 1.

I read this funny script online one day and it inspired me to create this humorous poke at The 300. My Persian friend particularly loved it as she knows all too well the truth and the fiction of this historic tale. Anyways... hope you enjoy. (click image to see it larger if need be). Oh... one more thing... Yes, that is me in a speedo at the end. Sorry.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Ben

For todays DSC at Outcast the topic is The Thing. iPad art


For kicks on a lazy Sunday I decided to draw me drawing me. iPad art